Snow Leopards Rock

The School Day

By: Dana, 2008
Jewel went to school every­day. She went to Wood Will ele­men­tary. She was in 4th grade. Jewel is 10 years old. Next year she would go to mid­dle school. One day, nobody was at school! Jewel just thought she was early, because her mom drops her off early. She thought she was early until she waited half an hour then she started to get wor­ried. Her teacher had never taken this long to get to school. She looked at the clock. 9:00. That’s late! Jewel told her­self “Noth­ing to worry about, just………finish unfin­ished work”. So, that is exactly what she did. The only work she needed to get done was her rain­for­est work. Her ani­mal was a Howler Mon­key. It lives in the Asian Rain­for­est. She spent the next hour fin­ish­ing her writ­ing. When, she looked up there were still no more stu­dents. Then, she remem­bered to put the date on her writ­ing. So she looked in her book for the date and was sur­prised that it was Sat­ur­day! Poor mom!

THE END!!!!!!


  1. SH says:

    Wow. Inter­est­ing indeed. It’s been 4 years since this was pub­lished but it still made me laugh alit­tle. Well, I think you know who posted this so I’ll see you at some point or another. Recently read­ing your writ­ing, I must say you will grow up to be a great writer one day if you started with this. Check my site some­time, you might like it.

    | Reply Posted March 2, 2012, 5:20 pm

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