Snow Leopards Rock

The Wolf and the Snow Leopard!

Chap­ter 1

The Wild­ness Inside



Whew! I leaned over on my knees pant­ing like a wolf. My lungs were on fire! I walked over to the water foun­tain breath­ing hard. I leaned over and slurped up a few mouth­fuls of water. Refresh­ing! I wiped my mouth with my sleeve and saw Trey run past me. “I will get you!” I shouted at Trey, who I was chas­ing before. I ran after him, gain­ing on him. I reached out my hand and was just about to tag him when, TWEET!!! The whis­tle blew! I looked over at the gym teacher expect­ing to see Mrs. Luann hold­ing her whis­tle in her hand. There was a sub­sti­tute in the place of Mrs. Luann! “Ahh­hhh!” I groaned. I walked over and sat on the gym floor in my assigned place. She did atten­dance and then she said what we were going to do that day. “We’re going to be play­ing tag today!” she said after intro­duc­ing her­self as Ms. Graw­ers (or Ms. G she said). “WHOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!” about all of us yelled. “Ok, I guess that’s a good choice on Mrs. Luann’s part huh?” Ms. Graw­ers said with a smile. After a few yells “Yeah!” and a lot of whis­tles, she said, “Who wants to be it?” I raised my hand eagerly; I wanted to get Trey. She pointed at me and I looked over at Trey across the gym­na­sium. I gave him the evil eye, which I have been prac­tic­ing in the mir­ror every­day. He turned away so I knew it worked. I went and stood in the cen­ter of the gym. “READYSETGO!!!” Ms. Graw­ers yelled. I shot out of cen­ter cir­cle head­ing for Trey. Before he even had a chance to move, he was it and I was head­ing across the gym! He blinked in sur­prise and took off. He went after Grace, who was taken by sur­prise and tagged instantly. THE GAME WAS ON!!! Grace went after Beth, who got away and led Grace right to Jerold. He, after been chased around the gym­na­sium twice, finally got tagged. After cir­cling around until almost every­body got tagged, I was it again. I ran to get Bob and I felt myself run faster and harder than ever before. I almost caught up to Bob when I looked down. I saw myself with wolf paws and shook my head to clear it. I must be hav­ing illu­sions. I told myself. My arm reached out and brushed his shirt. I turned and ran off yelling, “You’re it!” behind me. Bob sighed and made a sweep­ing right turn toward me. I ran and ran and look­ing down to make sure I didn’t trip, I real­ized my wolf paws were back! Oh my gosh! I thought. I’m going to faint! I looked up, then down, and my weird feet were gone. Whew! I gal­loped right into Beth who let out a lit­tle squeal. She raced away with me fol­low­ing her. I looked down just to make sure I didn’t have wolf paws and stopped dead in my tracks. What! I turned to look down my back. I was relived to see I was nor­mal. I sec­ond later I was run­ning again. I raced to the drink­ing foun­tain yelling “Times!” and form­ing the “T” sig­nals with my hands. As I slurped down more water, I found myself slurp­ing from a pool in the moun­tains, a wolf habi­tat. In a flash, that was over. I kneeled over to catch my breath. I was start­ing to feel light­headed. With one more gasp­ing breath I fell to the floor and blacked out.



Chap­ter 2

Leop­ard Storm


I sat in band wait­ing impa­tiently for it to start. Why is every­one so SLOW!!! I thought exas­per­ated. I switched my trum­pet from hand to hand. A door closed and Mr. Marty walked out. FINALLY!!! He raised his hand and most of us qui­eted down. “SHHHH!!!” I whis­pered. When we were quiet he raised his hands to make them straight out and said “Num­ber 44 please!” we raised our instru­ments. “1, 2, 3, 4!” after we played, Mr. Marty said. “OK, now try to…Pixie, are you alright?” he looked at me like he was see­ing a ghost. “I’m fine, why?” I looked down and saw noth­ing. “Uh…nothing, alright try to hear the sec­tion that has com­plete oppo­site sound as your sec­tion. Like trum­pets,” I perked up. “You will lis­ten for the flutes. Trom­bones you will lis­ten for the clar­inets and vice versa.” Mr. Marty fin­ished. “Any ques­tions?” Nobody raised his or her hands except per­cus­sion. “Greg?” Mr. Marty asked. “Um, who do per­cus­sion lis­ten for?” Greg asked con­fused. “How about flutes, and trum­pets you lis­ten for French Horns.” Mr. Marty said nod­ding his head. “Yes, with that let’s begin!” He whis­pered 1,2,3,4 slowly then said it out loud. As I played, I tried to lis­ten for French Horns and could barely hear them. Oh, I must need to be qui­eter!  I low­ered my vol­ume and could hear the French Horns clearly. That’s bet­ter. We fin­ished and Mr. Marty asked if the trum­pet sec­tion heard the French Horns. Luke went ahead and called out “NO!” and got a frenzy of whis­pers from the trum­pets next to him, includ­ing me. A num­ber of us raised our hands and Chris got called on. “No, I couldn’t hear them.” I stretched my hand even far­ther in the air and Mr. Marty called on me. “I could hear them. I got softer when I couldn’t, so I could hear them.” Mr. Marty nod­ded his head an asked the other groups. When he was done, he turned to face me and his face turned a ghostly white. “What Mr. Marty?” I looked down again. Still noth­ing! “Why do you keep turn­ing white?” he shook his head and ignored my ques­tion. O-K. I flipped a page in my music book as requested by Mr. G. We played 42, 45, 46, 48, and 50. Mr. Marty kept look­ing at me, expect­ing like I was going to eat him or some­thing. I glanced down when­ever he looked at me and I still saw noth­ing. At the end of num­ber 50, Mr. Marty looked at me again. This time he went so white he fainted! I looked down gasp­ing. What I saw was so shock­ing that I too, blacked out.

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