Snow Leopards Rock

Warrior Cat Story

2011, March

by Alayne Hatcher

Leader: Crooked­star ( a golden tabby with green eyes)
Deputy: Spir­it­fur ( a pure white she-cat with light blue eyes)
Med­i­cine Cat: Orange­blos­som (a light orange she-cat)
War­riors:Leaf­s­torm (a brown tom mate to Half­moon)
Red­fang (a dark red tom with amber eyes)
Appren­tice: Jay­paw
Ice­drop (white she-cat with brown eyes)
Appren­tice: Hol­ly­paw
Run­ning­claw (a black tom)
Appren­tice: Night­paw
Patch­cloud (a gray she-cat with spots of white on her back)
Yel­low­tail (a brightly col­ored tom)
Dove­heart (a light gray tom)
Small­pelt ( an unusu­ally small she-cat with dif­fer­ent col­ored eyes)
Jay­paw (a long haired black tom)
Night­paw (a gray tom)
Hol­ly­paw (a blue gray she-cat)
Half­moon: pure white she-cat with big black paws (mother to Bad­gerkit: a black and white striped she-cat with big black paws like her mother and Sil­verkit: a sil­very white she-cat and Lionkit an orange tom):mate to Leaf­s­torm.
Hawk­belly (a brown striped she-cat: expect­ing kits.)
Long­foot (light brown tom)
Gold­ear (a golden she-cat)
Frost­fire (a white she-cat)

Leader: Spot­ted­star (a spot­ted tom)
Deputy: Claw­foot (a dark brown tom)
Med­i­cine cat: Tad­po­le­tail (a black she-cat)
Appren­tice: Draft­paw
Mouseear (a white she-cat)
Appren­tice: Wil­low­paw
Feath­er­wing (a blue tom)
Half­face (a black she-cat)
Appren­tice: Rac­coon­paw
Rat­claw (white she-cat expect­ing kits)
Fire­life (a red tom)
Leader: Black­star (a black tom)
Deputy: Oak­fang (a dark brown tom)
Med­i­cine cat: Frozen­fang (a pure white she-cat)
Fire­claw: a red tom


The soft full moon light shined on a huge rock. The rock was sur­rounded in acres of for­est with shad­ows creep­ing about, eyes glar­ing. Then with a silent sig­nal 10 to 15 huge cats pounced out of the under­growth. The cat in the lead slowed by the rock and jumped on it patently wait­ing. The rest of the cats swarmed around the rock.
Sev­eral sec­onds later 10 to 15 more huge cats raced across the bridge. Same as the other cats the leader jumped on the rock and the rest swarmed around chat­ting. Instead of patiently wait­ing the spot­ted tom said, “Crooked­star, where is Tiger­clan? They should be here by now!”
“Now spot­ted­star we all are late now and then.” Crooked­star replied. But just then a bat­tle cry rang out. 20 more huge cats plunged down the slope in rage. The leader and another cat run­ning full speed pounced on to the rock pin­ning both Crooked­star and spot­ted­star down.
“Black­star you know just as well as I do that we can’t do this its agents the war­rior code.” Crooked­star spat.
Instead of respond­ing Black­star spat in rage and yowled to the rest of the cats “I know what you all are say­ing and what the code says but I have my rea­sons TIGERCLAN ATTACK!!!!
Chap­ter 1

A yowl sounded on the dis­tance as a young appren­tice Hol­ly­paw could not sleep. “I should tell some­one. Orange­blos­som is still here.”Hollypaw said as she tip toes past the sleep­ing cats into Orangeblossom’s den. Hol­ly­paw raced over to Orange­blos­som to find that she was awake.
“Orange­blos­som I heard a bat­tle yowl in the dis­tance towards the gath­er­ing!” Hol­ly­paw said in panic.
“Hol­ly­paw it’s ok. I’ll get the war­riors.” Orange­blos­som reas­sured.
As Orange­blos­som got the war­riors together Hol­ly­paw raced to the appren­tice den. “Night­paw, I think there is a bat­tle at the gath­er­ing! Orange­blos­som called every­one together.”
A call for the cats to gather at half log sounded through the dens. The two cats walked towards half log to see what hap­pened and already herd protests.
“It’s a gath­er­ing the clans know bet­ter than to break the war­rior code. Besides you said that an appren­tice said it.” A war­rior named Coalpelt spat.
“Hey, she’s my appren­tice I think I’d know if she was lying!” yowled Ice­claw.
“Well I believe her and I need two war­riors to find out who we are bat­tling. The rest I need to talk to” Orange­blos­som said.
“Did you here that it’s a retreat yowl and it sound like Crooked­star” Night­paw said “you should tell Orange­blos­som.”
The bushes rus­tled as Crooked­star crawled through with the rest of the war­riors behind him. “We lost! How could Star­clan let this hap­pen at a gath­er­ing,” Crooked­star yowled in despair. “We almost lost Jay­paw!“
“No!” Night­paw and Hol­ly­paw yowled as they ran up to the limp but breath­ing body of their kin Jay­paw.
“Let me see him,” Orange­blos­som said as the orange she-cat ran up to Jay­paw. “He will be fine he passed out of shock nobody hurt him to badly. I still want him to sleep in my den until he is bet­ter”
“That’s good to know. All right every­one who was injured go see Orange­blos­som if not go back to sleep we are going to have a long day after that,” Crooked­star said to the clan as the golden tom went to his den.

Chap­ter 2

Not long after the clans recov­ery a Queen named Half­moon was ready to have her kits.
“Orange­blos­som its Half­moon! There is some­thing wrong with her” Jay­paw said in panic as he burst into the den.
“Jay­paw its ok Half­moon is prob­a­bly just ready to have her kits” Orange­blos­som said like it was no big deal. “Thank you for telling me. Go tell Leaf­s­torm he’ll want to know too.”
“Ok I will but can I help you with Halfmoon’s kits?” Jay­paw asked.
“I’m ok with that. Meet me in the nurs­ery.” Orange­blos­som replied.

Hol­ly­paw and Jay­paw were sit­ing by the appren­tices den shar­ing tongs as Jay­paw bolted by.
“What was that all about?” Night­paw said as the black tom bounced up to Leaf­s­torm.
“I’m not sure lets go see.” Hol­ly­paw said with curios­ity. The two appren­tices got up but then Orange­blos­som went into the nurs­ery fol­lowed by Jay­paw. “Maybe we should wait with jumpy Jay­paw in theere, there is prob­a­bly not enough room.”

Inside the nurs­ery Half­moon was hav­ing a hard time.
“Ok Jay­paw put your paw on her belly, claws sheathed, gen­tly like this” Orange­blos­som said as the orange she-cat demon­strated. Jay­paw did as he was told.
“Now can you tell me how many there are?” Orange­blos­som asked.
“Um… three.” Jay­paw answered not very sure.
“Good job Jay­paw there are three exactly,” Orange­blos­some praised. “Do you fell that rip­ple let me know if you fell another one and keep your paw right there.” Orange­blos­some ran to get the kit. “It’s an orange tom”
“I felt a rip­ple.” Jay­paw said.
“That was quick.” Orange­blos­some said. “Leaf­s­torm come lick the kits fur.”
Leaf­s­torm walked in and started lick­ing the kit. Orange­blos­some got the next kit. “It’s a she-cat but it’s white. Here Jay­paw lick her fur back­wards to keep her warm I can han­dle the last one.”
Not long later Orange­blos­some called. “It is a black and white she-cat, oh no, it’s blind” Orange­blos­some said in shock.
“Is she really let me see her?” Half­moon said as she took the kit and started lick­ing it. Once the kits were warm Orange­blos­some and Jay­paw left the nurs­ery.
“Do you think the black and white one will be ok?” Half­moon asked still in panic.
“Don’t worry I’m sure it will be just fine. By the way I know the per­fect names: Bad­gerkit, Sil­verkit, and Lionkit.” Leaf­s­torm said.
“You and your leg­ends.” Half­moon said admir­ing the kits. “Those are per­fect names. But why Bad­gerkit that is not a cat from a leg­end.”
“Well Half­moon I believe it will be soon.”

Chap­ter 3
Crooked­star sat there with two other cats, Black­star and Spot­ted­star. Then three cats with stars in their fur said:
“Once all is gone and despair has come 3 cats will rise and fix what is done. When the time is near there is no need for fear the cats will show and know where to go.” The cats said and quickly disappeared.

In the nurs­ery a moon later Hawk­belly was ready to have her kits. “Why can’t I go see Hawk­belly.” Lionkit wailed.
“Because you’re about to get another room­mate.” Orange­blos­some said walk­ing past the wail­ing kits.
“Thanks Orange­blos­some I’ll see you soon.” Half­moon replied. “You three go see what Night­paw and Hol­ly­paw are doing.”
“Ok let’s go” Bad­gerkit said walk­ing to the appren­tice den. “Hey Night­paw are you going some where?”
“Yea, I’m going hunt­ing for the clan, why?” the tom replied.
“Can we go to?” Lionkit said.
“No you’re not old enough.” Night­paw said leav­ing “see you guys later.”
“Let’s fol­low him.” Lionkit said. So the three kits fol­lowed Night­paw.
“Hey does any­body see Night­paw? Wait I smell Leop­ard­clan! They’re in our ter­ri­tory!” Bad­gerkit growled.
“How can you tell? I don’t smell any­thing?” Sil­verkit said.
“No you’re in our ter­ri­tory.” A Leop­ard­clan cat said. “It’s ok I’m not going to hurt you. A cou­ple kits like you shouldn’t be wan­der­ing in the woods alone. I’m Graypelt let’s wait by the bor­der until a patrol come.”
“Graypelt, why aren’t you attack­ing us and chas­ing us out of your ter­ri­tory.” Bad­gerkit said sit­ting down next to the Leop­ard­clan cat.
“Well when I was a kit I too wan­dered over your bor­der and a war­rior named Leaf­s­torm, he was Leaf­paw then, and his men­tor Spir­it­fur gave me to my clan and did not harm me. Also its agents the war­rior code to harm any kit. What is your guy’s name and are you blind?” Graypelt asked.
“Yup, I’m Bad­gerkit, that’s Lionkit and that’s Sil­verkit.” Bad­gerkit said.
“Leaf­s­torm is our father.” Sil­verkit added.
“Well look who’s here.” Graypelt said point­ing to Leaf­s­torm.
“Thank you Graypelt for look­ing after these kits they should not have wan­dered away.” Leaf­s­torm said gath­er­ing the kits up.
“Oh no prob­lem after all you saved my life.” Graypelt replied. I also rec­om­mend you look­ing after Bad­gerkit she looks like she could be a mouth full..”
“I’ll try, I will see you at the gath­er­ing then. Good bye”
The four cats left Graypelt and went back to camp. “Here Half­moon, I found them with Graypelt on the Leop­ard­clan bor­der.” Leaf­s­torm said giv­ing them to the she-cat.
“Thank you Leaf­s­torm.” Half­moon said “Now come on kits I have to show you some­thing.”
Half­moon led the kits into the nurs­ery. “Look there are more kits in here. Are they Hawkbelly’s kits?” Sil­verkit asked.
“Yes they are.” Hawk­belly said walk­ing over to the kits. “They are right here.”

To be continued.….….….….…..


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